Ashes to Art 

Bespoke Abstract Memorial Oil Paintings

Ashes to Art offers a bespoke service incorporating the ashes of loved ones and beloved pets into intuitively created abstract memorial oil paintings to treasure forever.

Each memorial is intuitively painted by hand using vegan friendly oil paints on

Windsor & Newton Linen Canvas.

Prices start at £200

No two paintings are the same, making each one I produce unique and special to you.

I will also do my best to be as flexible as possible to suit your requirements.

The Ashes

To help you with the process I will send you a personal ashes collection kit complete with a bamboo spoon and personalised container.

I appreciate that this is a difficult time and am available to speak over the phone should you have any questions or need any support with this process.

The Artistic Process

Ashes to Art is a new bespoke service to help you remember and honor your loved one or beloved pet.

Each abstract memorial oil painting is completely unique and  created intuitively by me.

Alternatively I am happy to use hues and tones chosen by you.

Please note that each piece can take approximately 4 to 5 months to dry depending on the size of the canvas you chose.

I am happy be in close contact with you throughout the process.

Your Finished Memorial

Although the completed memorial will take approx 4-5 months to dry, you will not need to wait that long to view it. I will send you a photograph via email as soon as possible to give you an idea of what your finished memorial looks like.

 Bamboo prints and cards will also be available to purchase on request.

Please be reassured that I will treat your loved ones ashes with great care, respect and dignity.

If you would prefer to commission an intuitively created memorial without ashes then I would be happy to discuss this with you.

For more information and to place an order

please feel free to contact me via my contact page

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