Anna Dyson's Story....

I am an intuitive abstract oil painter and designer based in Kingston Upon Thames. 


During my early life I loved to paint.  I was accepted to study art at Richmond College but after struggling with the academic side of the course I was advised to leave and as a result turned my back on my painting for approximately 30 years.


Having recently been diagnosed with several neurodiverse conditions I was finally able to put those early experiences into context and subsequently rediscover my love of colour.

My art has allowed me a new lease of life.  As a carer for my disabled teenage daughter, the ability to paint allows me to earn an income along with the ability to express the real me and be proud of who I am and what I do.  No need to hide anymore or try and fit in.


My paintings have been featured in 'The Metro' newspaper and I have been interviewed by the online magazine 'Women Talking'.  I was proud to hold my first solo exhibition last year and am currently preparing for my next one.  .I have my own online card gallery and sell exclusively designed leggings and items incorporating my artwork.


I paint in oils on canvas intuitively, working in a spontaneous style-using colour to guide form rather than the other way round.  My pieces are unplanned, and I am always surprised by what I produce. 


I have always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and love that I can do that through my art, adding colour to their homes and giving people the opportunity to interpret my works with their own meaning.  

Here is a short video of me at work 

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