Intuitive Abstract Oil Paintings, Gifts, Clothing and Cards

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I am an intuitive abstract oil painter and designer based in Kingston Upon Thames. 


I have always loved to paint and had a passion for colour, and in my youth was excited to be accepted on a foundation art  course at Richmond College. Sadly this was cut short due to difficulties with completing written tasks. I was also told I did not have enough creative ability to continue which hit me hard and as a result I turned my back on painting for approximately 30 years.

Having recently been diagnosed with several neurodiverse conditions I have been able to put those early experiences into context and subsequently rediscover my love of painting.


My art has allowed me a new lease of life to express the real me and be proud of who I am and what I do. 

I paint intuitively in vegan friendly oils on canvas working in a spontaneous style-using colour to guide form. My pieces are unplanned, and I am always surprised by what I produce.

My works are untitled until you give them a title ,whatever they inspire in you : be it a helpful tool for your spiritual journey , memories of a loved one or a favourite place, or simply a unique piece of art..... The choice is yours


My works have been featured in 'The Metro' newspaper and my new bespoke intuitive abstract memorial oil painting service was recently featured in Take a Break Fate & Fortune magazine  


For my latest events please click here. 


I also have my own online card gallery and sell exclusively designed leggings and items incorporating my artwork.

Here is a short video of me at work 

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