Intuitive Abstract Oil Paintings, Accessories, Clothing and Cards by Anna Dyson

I am an intuitive, abstract painter and designer who creates vibrant, textured art with vegan friendly oil paint and more recently with acrylic paint.

After recently being diagnosed with several neurodiverse conditions including ADHD, Dyspraxia and Irlen Syndrome, I rediscovered my love of painting, something I had been deterred from after struggling on a Foundation Art Course 30 years ago due to difficulties with completing written tasks and a lack of “creative ability”. I have since been able to put those early experiences into context and now I am proud of who I am and the art I create. I have always loved to paint and had a passion for colour, and now my art has allowed me a new lease of life to express the real me. My paintings tend to paint themselves so I am always amazed by what emerges. It is such a tonic to communicate through colour when using the right words can be so challenging.

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